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We design and build electric machines for the production of energy in the respect of nature, monitoring and reducing at a minimum the negative impacts of our processes on the environment, enhancing their positive effects according to eco-friendliness principles.

High quality raw matters, renewal of design criteria, conforming the construction models and the technologies used, with them: they are only some of the strategies aiming at enhancing the energetic efficiency and the duration over time, of the machines we build.

The company has implemented and documented a system of quality management meeting the requirements of the International rule UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. The processes that Motortecnica has implemented are managed according to the requirements provided by these rules.

The suitability of processes, products and services to meet the customer’s need and their continuous improvement are necessary to guarantee a lasting life and flexibility of the company.In order to achieve this, some goals have been identified also by involving our whole staff:

- To meet at any time the demands and expectations of customers
- To expand our position on the market
- To develop our professionalism, to improve our approach to work and to extend the range of our employees’ involvement into the achievement of the company’s goals
- To develop management according to processes, following high quality and safety standards
- To increase the efficienmcy and effectiveness of the company’s processes, reducing costs and wastes: no one drop is wasted….

Motortecnica, while carrying out the management of its business activities according to principles of efficiency, correctness and loyalty, in any process of its daily work, has decided to conform its own organization, management and control model with the provisions of the Legisl.Decree 231/2001, referring to the guidelines of Confindustria, approved on March 7th 2002 and supplemented in 2012.
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